Offer for influencers

The platform (hereinafter acts as an agent of the influencers and offers to conclude a contract on the terms of the offer:

1. Influencers are platform users, They are individuals

2. Subject — provides influencers:

2.1 A link to their virtual showcases - a personal websites with selections made up from goods added in one of 2 ways: a) manually by a blogger or influencer b) using ready collections by UMA moderators.

2.2 Access to their Personal Account
2.3 Access to the partner program with stores

3. Access to the major functions of the platform is provided to influencers for free.
An exception may be a special dedicated functionality of the platform or access to special conditions from partner stores.

4. Responsibilities of the platform:
4.1. Give the influencer a link to his virtual showcase or personal website with selections of goods
4.2. Provide tools for a) creating selections of the goods found by the influencer, with the possibility of including photos of the blogger, b) publishing the created good's selections on the influencer's virtual showcase website
4.3. Provide information about the connected partner stores, the amount and conditions for receiving commission (influencer's reward) from sales made by users in the partner store with a transition through the influencer's virtual showcase.
4.4. To track, calculate and charge commission on sales made by users in the partner store with the transition through the virtual showcase of the influencer to the balance in his personal account on the platform.
4.5. Pay % commission on confirmed sales. Payments are regulated by clauses 4.7-4.8. of this offer. If the goods were returned to the store within 60 days by the buyer, these sales are assigned the Rejected status and the commission from these purchases is canceled.
4.6. Assistance in registration of a influencer in the tax inspectorate of the State with the status of self-employed in order to officially accept payments from legal entities, including from for the work done. The service is provided - free of charge. The cost of registration in the tax service is free of charge. The procedure takes approximately 5 minutes.
4.7. The commission from sales made by users in the partner store with a transition through the influencer's virtual showcase or with the help of his referral links is available for withdrawal to the influencer's settlement account if the conditions are met
а) orders from partner stores have been transferred to the Confirmed status and are displayed in this status in the influencer's personal account, and the amount has also been transferred in the Balance section.
b) if the amount of the influencer's Balance exceeds 1000 rubles.
4.8. Payments are made monthly until the 15th of the previous month by transfer to the settlement account specified by the blogger in his Personal Account.
4.9. Each store has its own commission %, which the influencer can check in the stores catalog in his Personal Account on the platform.

5. Blogger's responsibilities:
5.1. Register on the UMA website and get a link to the website of your virtual showcase.
5.2. Familiarize himself with all the points of the offer and confirm this agreement with its provisions when registering on the platform.
5.4. Post a link in the header of his profile on the chosen social network. The profile must be open for every user of the social network.
5.3. Regularly tell his followers about his virtual showcase and selections, as well as the goods' selections are displayed there
5.4. Independently obtain the taxpayer number of the state and pay the tax from the remuneration received on the platform .
5.5. When withdrawing funds from his Balance on the platform, provide an invoice from the "My Tax" application for the withdrawal amount to a personal manager who is assigned to him from the platform or attach it to his Personal Account if there is such functionality in the blogger's Personal Account BEFORE making the payment.

6. The terms for granting access to the platform
6.1. The term of granting access to the platform is not limited.
6.2. Blocking is possible in the following cases:
a) If the influencer did NOT specify a link in the Instagram profile header.
b) If the influencer is NOT active in his Instagram account or other social networks for 7 days.
c) If the influencer or influencer has a closed private Instagram profile.
d) If the themes of the blog content on Instagram does not match to the one indicated during registration on the platform.

7. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of registration on the website or in the APP

8. Changes to the terms of this offer
UMA has the right to change the offer unilaterally, follow the changes in your personal account on the platform.

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