How to monetize a Telegram channel?

Your subscribers are constantly buying according to your recommendations and selections from the channel.
This is your gold mine!

Monetize every selection

With the UMA, you can monetize your TG channel or increase revenue X2 times.

Collect collages and collections of trends from partner stores
Convert links via the Link Generator in your UMA
Post these links to your TG channel and share with your subscribers
How does the earnings scheme work on each sale?
Publish a selection of products that you have chosen with UMA links
Subscribers go to the store
by the link and buy online
Прикрепляешь ссылку
на сайт с луками
You get a cashback even if the subscriber bought something else
Купили 25 раз
1200 × 25 = 30000
Твой доход: 3000 руб
How to create an UMA link?
Select a store from the list
Select a store from the list of partners in the "Store" field of the Link Generator tool
Open the store's website
Open the website of the store whose items you want to recommend to subscribers.
Find the items
Find items that you would like to recommend to your channel subscribers
Copy the links
Copy the links to the pages of all things directly on the website of the online store
Paste the links into the generator
Enter the links, each on a new line.
IT is IMPORTANT that after the last link there is no transition to the next line
Name it
Enter any word or phrase that will help you then understand where the sale came from, for example, "TG Summer Capsule" or "TG Lamoda-sale"
Generate links
Click the "Generate links" button
Copy links
You can copy the links with one button
Link generator in UMA

Link generator 

This tool is designed so that you can earn not only with the help of a virtual showcase, but also on online shopping, as well as on all your recommendations, including through the Telegram channel. The link generator is available in the blogger's Personal Account in the section with the same name.

Frequently Asked Questions

В вашем Личном кабинете на платформе UMA в разделе Магазины вы можете найти полный список Магазинов и брендов-партнеров., а также посмотреть условия работы - % комиссии.

Выбирайте те магазины, которые вам нравятся и находятся у вас в приоритете для сотрудничества.

В вашем Личном кабинете на платформе UMA в разделе Магазины вы можете найти полный список Магазинов и брендов-партнеров., а также посмотреть условия работы - % комиссии.

Выбирайте те магазины, которые вам нравятся и находятся у вас в приоритете для сотрудничества.

How much I earn and where to view the conditions
Percent of earnings may vary and reach thresholds in the range from 5% to 28%. There are individual stores that pay even less than 1%. Be careful. All conditions are available in the Personal Account section in the Stores or Partners section.
Will i get a reward If the user bought an item after 15 days
Most stores allow tracking user purchases through cookies for up to 30 days. Individual stores are limited to 3. These conditions are available and displayed in the dashboard - Stores and Partners section.
How long to wait for funds to be withdrawn?
Different stores confirm orders or purchases at different times. This is affected by 1) the possible return period set in this store. for example, Mango has it up to 60 days. 2) the deadline for transferring funds to our platform. It can also reach 10-15 days. The deadlines for confirming orders are also displayed in the dashboard.
How can I withdraw funds?
Funds are available for withdrawal only from a confirmed Balance and if it exceeds 1000 rupees. Payments of confirmed funds for the last month are paid until the 10th of the current month. To withdraw, you need to write to the manager through your Personal Account in the Balance/Management section. It is important that for withdrawal it is necessary to issue the status of a tax resident - Self-employed. It is also possible to use the IP status if you have already issued it.
Do I need to pay income tax?
Yes, you need to pay the tax yourself in accordance with the offer - which the blogger agrees to when registering. The blogger's inattention and failure to study the offer does not release him from responsibility for paying taxes on funds earned using the UMA service.
I was expecting funds and there was one amount, then after confirmation it decreased. Why?
The user, when going through your referral links, makes an order for the amount, the store transfers it through integration channels to the UMA service and we show it to you in the statistics and Balance section in your Personal Account. then there may be either a cancellation of the order or a partial redemption. With Partial redemption, the purchase amount decreases, and so does earnings. at the same time, the desktop version displays a comment about the Partial redemption, when you click on which you can see the details.
They bought it using my link, but the purchase is not displayed in the Personal Account
This, unfortunately, can happen. In this case, you need to write to Technical support (the button is available in your Personal Account), send a screenshot of the email confirmation of the purchase, where you can see the date, the composition of the order and the amount, also specify the email and phone number of the client. In this case, we will contact the store. The waiting process can take about a month or more.

There are cases when subscribers write to the blogger that I bought on your recommendation, etc., but the blogger does not see these purchases in his statistics. In this case, we need all the same supporting data as indicated above.
We often come across cases when subscribers looked at a blogger and bought in an offline store. Or simply went to the store's website or mobile application not by its link, but separately found the product and placed an order.
It is important to follow the sequence of clicking on the blogger's link and buying.
Cases of other influencers
Имя в Инстаграм
Твое имя
Предпочтительный способ связи
Публикуй контент в своем привычном режиме, а подписчики сами найдут и купят товары на твоем сайте
Теперь ты выбираешь с кем работать и не нужно ни с кем переписываться, договариваться и согласовывать рекламный контент
Ты всегда можешь отследить сколько и на чем ты заработал в своем личном кабинете и вывести себе деньги на карту
Julia Koshkina
stylist - bligger @koshkinayu
ТГ-channel - No Copypaste Style
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TG Channel + UMA links
8 hours - 66 400 ₽
1 month - 1 320 000 ₽
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